Heritage Exhibition

All Hallows Heritage Exhibition

A detailed Heritage and Legacy exhibition on the story of All Hallows College is on permanent display on the All Hallows campus of DCU. It features digital interactive displays, a timeline, a collection of Ordination and Graduation photos between 1842-2016 and includes a Reflective Garden for relaxation and enjoyment. The exhibition is open to the public between 9am-6pm daily.

All Hallows Heritage Exhibition

Explore below some of the highlights of the exhibition:

From ‘Go Teach All Nations’ in 1842 to ‘Education for Leadership and Service’ in 2016 – the language may have changed but over 174 years the All Hallows mission has remained rooted in educating students to serve the needy, the poor and the disenfranchised.

All Hallows College has educated over 7,000 students, first as a seminary and later as a third-level educational institute.

View the Irish Catholic Special – All Hallows (2.2mb download)